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You will be safe in the knowledge that your accounts will be managed by Registered BAS Agents and our staff are all professionally qualified bookkeepers with many years of experience in all aspects of bookkeeping. We are confident that we can help your business maximise efficiency and grow into its full potential.

We can work remotely, or on site, and have lengthy experience in a very diverse number of industry areas ranging from childcare agencies and distillers to agricultural machinery!!

“Making good judgments when one has complete data, facts, and knowledge is not leadership – it’s bookkeeping” – Dee Hock

Behind every successful business is a great bookkeeper!!

You may ask – What is a BAS Agent, and why do I need one?

A BAS Agent is typically a person who is licenced  to provide services to a client to do with their BAS obligations to the ATO and who will assist you to ensure that you are fully compliant. 

A BAS agent must have the qualifications, experience, competence, and professionalism as designated and overseen by the Tax Practitioners Board.   A BAS Agent can be relied upon to assist with the obligations of GST, PAYG Withholding (payroll), PAYG Instalment Payments, FBT Payments, WET, Fuel tax & LCT.

Only registered BAS Agents (and Tax Agents) are permitted to advise or help you to determine your liabilities, obligations, or entitlements to the ATO in relation to the areas of the BAS. Only registered Agents (other than yourself or your employees) are permitted to represent you in dealing with the ATO. 

BAS Agents are highly regulated on an on-going basis to ensure that they have relevant experience, the appropriate level of professionalism, continual update of knowledge to keep abreast of changes in legislation and comply with their professional code of conduct.

We will always act with:

  • Honesty & Integrity (including when acting for you in relation to your money) 
  • Independence (including always acting in your best interests) 
  • Confidentiality (unless you direct us otherwise, your information is totally confidential) 
  • We provide service competently using knowledge and skills to take ― reasonable care to ensure that tax law is applied correctly for you 
  • Advising you about your obligations under the relevant tax laws 

As a BAS Agent we do not advise you nor liaise with the tax office on Income Tax Matters.   This is the role of a Registered Tax Agent.

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